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Новый тур Крайона в Израиле

Добавлено: 27 янв 2014, 04:09
30 сентября – 6 октября 2015
Возвращение мастеров
Новый тур Крайона
Включая Тодд Авокайтис, Дабро, Дебора ДеЛисси и др.
и вознесенные мастера Авраам, Мать Мария, Иисус, Мария Магдалина и др.
Тодд Авокайтис даст новые тона для вознесения Земли

Что ж, снова, как и в 2005 году в Иерусалиме, смогу побывать на Крайоне, уже с большей бригадой мастеров.

Re: Новый тур Крайона в Израиле

Добавлено: 27 янв 2014, 04:55
Вот выдержки из ченнелинга 8 декабря, данные на сайте Крайоне
There is another one in 2015 that you have planned and it’s not in a Node. It is in Israel. It’s not even close to a Node! And you might say “What are you doing there with the Choir? What might you do there?”

I hope this gives you chills, Dear Ones. And I’ll tell you what you’re doing there because Israel and all the prophecies in the last two thousand years has been called the Ignite Point of the end of the earth.

Israel was going to be the trouble spot that would trigger World War Three. The alliances that would be political on the planet that would bring you a nuclear war, all because of what ..?… the place in Israel. And all of the problems of the Israelis and the Israelites of all through history culminate there in a troubled area.

What might you do there, my Dear Ones? In 2015 you are going to disengage the trouble. And you can call this The Forgiveness Choir if you want to but they will argue about who is forgiving whom. It would be better to call it The Healing Choir. Healing of ancient enemies, the beginning of sacred land being more sacred than ever before. Where the Masters who walked there figuratively can look at one another, hug one another, shake hands and say “It’s the beginning of a new Israel.”

It’s going to be “The New Jerusalem” and that is what you’re going to do there. It’s the city on the hill. It is the one seen by the prophets all along that would glisten with healing, with forgiveness, with New Humanity. This is the opportunity you have. It’s not a Node; it doesn’t need to be to heal it.